Our Story

Who are we?

The Queer Fringe Festival is a non-profit from the team that created The Queer Emporium in Cardiff. Having run events in the shop and The Royal Arcade, founder and director Yan White saw the oppertunity to expand what The Queer Emporium was doing to numerous venues and help platform and pay as many LGBTQ+ artists as possible, whilst also highlighting venues across the city.

If you are interested in helping fund The Queer Fringe Festival please see our sponsors page.


“We’re so excited to be part of a big festival to showcase what we do 365 days of the year. Reaching new audiences and utilizing the oldest gay bar in Cardiff for an arts festival is something we can’t wait to do this Pride Month”

- Evan Ayrton, Manager of The Golden Cross

“Queer artists in Wales are thriving at the moment, and I think The Queer Emporium’s impact on Cardiff has been beneficial to this. The Queer Fringe Festival is an opportunity to amplify further and share those platforms with new, exciting grassroots artists. I can’t wait to see what will be happening throughout Pride Month.”

 - Luke Hereford, Theater Maker