26th June

The Queer Fringe Festival

26th June

Community Brunches: Buffy Brunch

Community Brunches are back at The Queer Emporium return for their second year, beginning earlier in the summer as part of The Queer Fringe Festival!

What would Buffy do?  I’ve Got a Theory, that she would support queer rights (see the entire TV show but also Season 8).  

The Scooby Gang aren’t here, but Polly Amorous and Medusa Repulsa are so fall Under [Their] Spell whilst they Walk Through the Fire and belt out some Buffy numbers, whilst asking you to join in, Once More, with Feeling
£23.00-35.00 | 13:00 | The Queer Emporium

I'm finally using my body for what I feel like it's made to do - Owain Train McGilvery

Owain Train McGilvary’s exhibition is informed by his close connection with a wrestling group for women and non-binary people, in the southside of Glasgow. Owain spent the last two years working closely with the group and has created an intimate video portrait that distils many of their conversations to explore key themes including the role of ‘villain’, gender, kinship and working class lives. 

Free | Chapter Bar | Mon – Sun, 9am – 10pm

Mrs Moore

Join Mrs Moore for drag at The Golden Cross!

Coming Soon| The Golden Cross

Meet the Ballroom Community

An exhibtion of photographs and outfits from The Welsh Ballroom Community.

Free |  All Day (8am - 7pm) | Morgan Quarter